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Artfully Invited

We are looking for your help. Through the Great Places Designation program , Cedar County is pursuing a county-wide mural project. This project is designed to give voice to unique and authentic qualities of each Cedar County community while unifying the relationship between them. This placemaking effort allows each Cedar County city to design an iconic photo realistic image in the “Vintage Postcard” style that gives representation to the city’s history, culture and future. The large scale format design will then be replicated on the community’s designated location. Ideal location would be a historic downtown building. This project offers both communities and the county, through these public images, an additional asset that celebrate the areas heritage, values, and uniqueness.

We are looking for individuals to help with making this happen in your community. If you think you would like to get involved contact your city office and ask them how you can help. If you want more information about the project, download the following mural guidelines:

Firestation Bennett
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