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Similes for Cedar County

Access to health care services is critical for overall health and wellness not lonely for the individual but for our communities was a whole. One way to assure this for Iowans is having easily accessible health care providers, including dentists. It is why we are excited to announce Cedar County has been designated by the FIND (Fulfilling Iowa’s Needs for Dentists) Project as one of 21 “high priority” counties in Iowa – this includes those counties that have no or just one full-time dentist or that all dentists are over the age of 60. With this designation, new dentists who choose to practice in your county are eligible to apply for a $200,000 FIND education loan forgiveness award. In addition, our FIND Project team can serve as liaisons between communities and prospective dentists to assist with recruitment efforts and with financial resources for establishing a new dental practice.

So do you know a good dentist or a soon to be one? Maybe you should suggest the set up shop in one of Cedar County's Communities. Not only is Cedar County a great place to live but it could be worth an extra $200,000 in loan forgiveness for them. For more information check out the flyer below or head over to the FIND Program site.


Firestation Bennett
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