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The Start of Something Big

There are many things we can appreciating as we head into 2018. Foremost on that list has to be things that make our hometown the place we choose to live: the quality homes at affordable prices, the place down on Main Street we like to eat at, the short commute to work and the schools we are happy for our kids to attend. These are the things we talked about during the CedarCounty Comprehensive Plan and Great Places meeting at the end of last year. It is also the essence of the GrowHERE campaign. Read more about GrowHERE here and here.

Let us suggest you make 2018 the year to be part of the GrowHERE movement. It is easy. You sign yourself up for the team as soon as you start taking that extra moment and really noticing the good life that Cedar County has to offer. The next step is to get involved; a conversation with your friends about the reason we choose to live where we do; like living close to family, safe small town living, the abundant natural resources that allows quality farming. Then get active within our community. Shop at our hometown store; join one of a number of groups in our community that is looking for support and volunteers. Finally, when something great is happening in your community, let us know so we can celebrate it with you. Drop us a line and let us bring it to other Cedar County citizens for them to enjoy. It's going to be a great year

Firestation Bennett
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