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Celebrating the Best Of Us

Clarence Iowa

“A community is made up of intimate relationships among diversified types of individuals - a kinship group, a local group, a neighborhood, a village, a large family.”

- Carroll Quigley

One of the greatest assets a community has is the people who choose to live there. The ways these individuals put differences a side and find ways to have a positive impact on the greater good is a defining strength of a community vitality. Most of the time this “work” is done on a volunteer basis. That is why it is great to see the Clarence Area Economic Development Group will be celebrating the efforts of ALL Clarence volunteers, past and present, on Wednesday September 14, 5:30pm to 7pm at the Clarence Park. Special recognition will be given to our “Best of Clarence” Volunteer of the Year, Kris Plueger, and honoring the memory of longtime Clarence volunteer Chip Chapman during a brief awards’ ceremony at 6pm.

Have you coached little league? Volunteered at the park? Serve on the fire depart- ment or ambulance? Helped out at school? There are SO MANY volunteers in Clarence! Let's celebrate them all!!

The meal (catered by Cedar Co. Pork Producers & Mill Creek Café) is FREE to all past and present Clarence volunteers! Please join us in celebrating the intergener- ational spirit of volunteerism that is so much a part of our community.

Meal will include grilled pork chop sandwiches and brats by the Cedar County Pork Producers, as well as cheesy potatoes, baked beans and dessert bars by Mill Creek Café.

Grab a friend and stop by to celebrate the efforts of the countless volunteers that make Clarence a great place to live.

Questions? Call Tami at the Library, 452-3734

September 2016

Firestation Bennett
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