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Artfully Cedar

We in Cedar County truely appreciate our farm based heritage. One interesting ways we celebrate it is by decorating the county with barn quilts. Barn quilts are quilted patterns painted on wood squares or directly on a building, often on a barn. These designs range from simple to complex, each holding a story of their own. We think of it as street art for rural roads.

To help you to enjoy and discover these homespun paintings in our county, a group of individuals and business has created a great flyer to make finding these barn quilts a bit easier. It's kind of like Pokemon Go but for Cedar County barn quilts. Either click the links below for the configuration that best suits you or feel free to stop in West Branch’s Cotton Creek Mill or Tipton’s The Fabric Stasher store for a hard copy. As you travel the roads and towns looking for barn quilts, you will find yourself enjoying the rolling hills of the county, century old farms and welcoming small towns, each offering a unique restaurant, specialty shops, museum, and other small wonders.

If you would like to learn more about the history of barn quilts visit

Firestation Bennett
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