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Clarence Built a Library...and More

Sometimes a building is more then just a building. An easy example of this is the transformation of a house that becomes a home. Its wall embrace meaning beyond a simple shelter. Another representation of this phenomenon is a house of worship. It is a structure in which a modest meeting place extends into the realms of the emotional and the spiritual. This weekend, we in Cedar County get to celebrate one more realization of a building being more then just a building.

Join the community of Clarence Iowa this Sunday, April 10th from 1-4 pm to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Clarence Public Library. A wonderful embodiment of people coming together to create a stronger, better, more beautiful community. This library was the result of over one hundred individual monetary donations, thousands of volunteer hours, and public and private groups working together.

The basic result of this effort is Clarence built a library - but this library more then just a place that will hold books. It is a refection of a community investing in itself and the declaration that Clarence's best days are not behind them. It is an illustration of what working in cooperation to ensure a better community’s future can achieve. It is an amazing building for it symbolizes the start of even more to come in Clarence.

Clarence Public Library ((Formerly the Edna Zybell Memorial Library)

309 6th Avenue, Clarence, Iowa

Firestation Bennett
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