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Road to the Future

Most of us would never leave for a trip unless they knew where they were going and had a map to get there. The same holds true for a community and their future. The best know where they are going, while others - in many cases, leave it up to fate to define the future. For the former group often it involves bringing the community together and having an honest discussion; a discussion of the community strengths and weaknesses. It is a conversation about what economics and cultural changes are happening and how they will impact the place they call home. They then will use the result of the discussions to be the basis when prioritizing projects that will offer the future they want for want their community.

This is the fundamental process of the 2016 Community Visioning Program. This program is being offered by a Iowa State University, Iowa DOT and Tree’s Forever partnership. It looks through the lens of transportation and its impact on a community from the functional to visual realms. This program is being offered to nine Iowa cities and you can make yours one of them.

Check out the application, talk with your city officials, local business owners and fellow citizens, and see if this program is right for your community. (Application Link)

Firestation Bennett
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