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Mechanicsville Farmers Market: Tuesdays 4-6pm

Before malls, before downtowns, even before brick and mortar storefronts there was public markets. through out the world these markets still exist and in Cedar County we are lucky to have a few of that we call "Farmers Market".

Farmers Markets, like those of old public markets of the past, serve many functions. First, obviously, they offer a great place to get some tasty food the joys of our markets are greater than great food, they also offer a community a reason for gathering. Their festive atmosphere provides a relaxing and entertaining place to shop, meet with friends and get to know your neighbors. In addition the market offer farmers a profitable way to sell their crops and a opportunity to directly communicate with their customers.

Farmers markets bring life into our public spaces, downtown areas, public squares and park which They not only offer produce but casual encounters amoung community members which are the building blocks to a strong, vibrant community. So let's stop by a Cedar County farmers market, get some tasty "greens" and build a community.

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