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How Do You HERE it?

The HERE project started with a simple question: "Why do we like it here?" Here being Cedar County. As I started to talk to people in each of the communities of Cedar Country there was amazing answers. A older gentlemen from Durant said for him "it's the people." A women from West Branch told me it "simply felt like home" while a younger man talked about "the Cedar River." A North Cedar High School freshmen said he liked "knowing he was a small part of something greater by working with his parents on the farm." These conversation were a great reminder of all the wonderful assets we have in our county.

An old farmer once told me "It is easy to overlook the good stuff and when you do, you don't see the great." This is why we started the HERE project. It is a reminder of all the great that is Cedar County. Our communities are filled with kind, warm-hearted individuals, quality school systems, some of the best agriculture in the world, hardworking business owners, dedicated workers and beautiful and productive natural resources. Each of these county assets are the building blocks of our lives and we believe it is high time to celebrate them.

Firestation Bennett
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