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Small Success

In a informative post by Edward T. McMahon he looks as the variables that that allow them to prosper while neighboring communities struggle. He sums it up by suggesting "Every successful" community has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they all share some common characteristics. It’s clear for instance that successful communities involve a broad cross-section of residents in determining and planning for the future. They also capitalize on their distinctive assets – their architecture, history, natural surroundings, and home grown businesses – rather than trying to adopt a new and different identity. Most successful communities also utilize a variety of private-sector and market incentives to influence new development..."

These successful communities at least 3 or 4 following characteristics:

  1. Have a vision for the future

  2. Inventory assets

  3. Build plans on the enhancement of existing assets

  4. Use education and incentives, not just regulation

  5. Pick and choose among development projects

  6. Cooperate with neighbors for mutual benefit

  7. Pay attention to community aesthetics

  8. Have strong leaders and committed citizens

Along with these characteristics he says, "Leadership is critical, but often unappreciated". To learn more about his ideas and specifics go to


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