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The Start of Something Big

There are many things we can appreciating as we head into 2020. Foremost it has to be things that make our hometown the place we choose to live: the quality homes at affordable prices, the place down on Main Street we like to eat at, the short commute to work and the schools we are happy for our kids to attend. We have a good life that Cedar County and an opportunity to make it even better. Notable projects we will be focus on this upcoming year includes becoming a Home Base Iowa Community and working on a collaborative Great Places Designation project. Complimenting this work is the the continual effort of encouraging you to get involve.

Whether it’s reconstructing a playground, create public art, or clearing trash from a nearby creek, a community service project is an excellent way to bring about change on a small, incremental improvement to our community. These small things can make big improvements. Sometimes it just a matter of finding a idea that inspires you to get involve. If your looking to get inspired check out this post that offers 101 small ways you can improve your community. The article offers some great ideas. Rather then wait for someone else to make and impact, lets make a New Year resolution to jump in and take the lead. Here is to a happy, healthy and productive New Year.

Firestation Bennett
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