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Invest in Tomorrow

When taking about community self-investment a great place to start is with the next generation. Making sure the our current young people are a strong contributing assets in the future is important for all us. One way to make sure this happens is by getting area students to participate in Kirkwood's Job Shadowing program. Students can explore a career of their choice within a pathway of interest. After applying, students are matched with area professions for a worksite visit where they will learn about the highlights, challenges, essential skills and educational pathway of that career. WLC is a contracted service provider of work-based learning to all AREA10 school districts, so the experience is free of charge to students. Students are excused from school to attend their job shadows and these work-based learning experiences are part of the students individualized career and post-secondary education plan.The WLC student portal opens on August 1, 2018 to field job shadow requests from AREA 10 high school sophomores*, juniors and seniors. WLC staff visit and present information on their programs within all AREA 10 participating high schools in late August and early September. The portal application will remain open to accept applications through 3pm on September 21st. Please refer to your high school website for further details on your school’s application deadlines. Students and their parents are encouraged to visit and click on the Job shadows tab to explore the many options for both group and individualized job shadow experiences. Head over to the Job Shadow Portal for more information.

WLC, a department of Kirkwood Community College, serves MS and HS students and educators with the delivery of a variety of high quality work-based learning programs. These programs are designed to offer students and their educators experiences and information in regard to careers so they can make and guide informed decisions about future career pathways and post-secondary educational pursuits. WLC is an essential component and partner of ICR Future within the career connected learning delivery system. One of WLC’s high impact deliverables is the student job shadow program.

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