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Happy Holidays in Cedar County

We wish everyone in Cedar County a happy and safe holiday season. While we are finish some of our last minute purchases lets remember out local stores found along Main Street or on the edge of town. These businesses are linchpin of our local economy and offer a variety of benefits to the towns we call home. Tehy offer convenient goods and services, distinctive character and direct dollars back into the county that drives a strong economic base. Moreover, your local businesses are run by your friends, family and neighbors that are the threads that build the community cloth. Throughout Cedar County businesses we will be participating in the national Small Business Saturday campaign. It is a great reminder that shopping at home has lasting benefits for our local economy and a perfect opportunity to make it a habit all year round. That is why the Grow Here campaign exists. It is an ongoing reminder that the assets we have in Cedar County - the businesses, educational opportunities, natural resources, the communities themselves are something that are as good as we make them. Our appreciation and support of the strengths that make up our county are the basis of all futures success.

Firestation Bennett
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