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A Good Idea

This small town wasn't dismal over its future. It was just a tad glum. Insecure. Apprehensive ....looked in the mirror and felt paunchy, unkempt. Was it over the hill?This town's struggles and gap-toothed downtown business district were all too familiar on the sparse rural landscape. This sounds familiar to a good deal of small town Iowa communities. But as this Des Moines Register story suggest it does not necessary a story about ending but one about beginnings.

It starts with an idea. If it is a good one, it builds stronger. But even if it is a great idea, it is the execution that makes it real. Here is a story about another Iowa town that decided on the idea that their community's best days was not behind them. More importantly that went beyond the idea stage to doing something about it. While they have some unique strengths, every community does. It is just a matter of building on the strength you have, being honest about the weakness that need to be addressed and, working together to execute the idea.

Firestation Bennett
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