Bennett is located just 25 miles from Davenport and 15 minutes from Interstate 80, providing prospects for businesses. The Quad City International Airport is only a 25 mile commute; and offers a number of non-stop flights throughout the United States.

Bennett is home to Bennett Community School , a public school for Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade students.  It also includes the town of New Liberty and surrounding rural areas.  The school is small in classroom size with a strong teacher/student relationship.  It is technoligically up-to-date having an interactive Smartboard in every classroom, Ipads for Pre-school students, and laptop computers for grades 3-6.  Junior and senior high students (7-12) are in a grade sharing agreement with the nearby schools of Tipton and Durant.  


Population is 405, which increased 3.24% since the 2000 US Census

Percentage of Population by Age:

  • 16.8 % (68 people) - Seniors (65+)
  • 23.7% (96 people) - Boomers (45-65)
  • 21.7% (88 people) - Adults (30-44)
  • 8.4% (34 people) - Young Adults (20-29)
  • 29.4% (119 people) - Children (19 and under)

Median Age Population by Gender:

  • Male - 38.7
  • Female - 38.1

There are 160 households, 116 of those are family households (72.5%). The percent of population in owner occupied units is 77% compared to the state of Iowa that has 72.8% and the United States at 65.2%.

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Bennett Community School

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